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Wireframes, prototypes, optimisation, personas, PPC, site design, product design, print design, A/B testing, split testing, user testing, blood, sweat and tears.

New Will App

  1. ‍Existing site analytics showed that many people we're getting to the final (summary) stage, then not submitting the form and completing the will.
  2. ‍Video recordings revealed some usability issues; the page design and content structure suggested the journey was complete, and a generic 'Submit' button matched the previous page (whereas the button had said 'Continue' earlier in the process).
  3. ‍By creating a clearer CTA, fixing the CTA text on the previous page, and restructuring content we increased completion by 17%.
  4. ‍But that's not the whole story.
  5. ‍The rate should have been higher.
  6. ‍I installed exit polls on the form. It turned out the biggest reason for drop-offs was that people wanted to speak to their partners before committing to such an important document.
  7. ‍To help include family in the process, we added a simple feature that would email a copy of the will summary to the partner, with a follow-up email to both parties 48 hours later, the second email included a simple CTA to complete and submit the will.
  8. ‍Completions jumped by an additional 53%.
  9. ‍71% Total increase with some basic design tweaks, research and marketing.

This psychological need to include family in the process touches on sociology and group decision making.

If this had been understood when the company started, the service could potentially have been 71% more successful for years before.

Ground-up redesign to encompass new brand, improve usability and make truly responsive.

View Invision Prototype
  • Further brand updates and new homepage design

Key areas - Website

  • Personas built from existing data and confirmed by email campaign testing, finding most relevant approach to current user base.
  • Heuristic analysis of old website alongside user testing to confirm pain points.
  • Loose wireframes for product pages built and discussed in design session,  six are filtered to two for design and test.
  • Prototype for stakeholder approval then Design and build (by dev)
  • User testing on live site identify further issues, feedback loops for iterative improvements.
  • Further improvements and branding change, concentrating on mobile
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