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I'm Craig Connell, UX & UI Designer.

I care about usability, conversion and growth.

And I'd like to work with you.


Fifteen years ago I apprenticed at a local print shop. My boss was... temperamental, but I’ll never forget what he did. He introduced me to Photoshop. Which changed my life.

Eventually, nightclub flyers and fancy filter effects faded away and I found interest in the psychology and persuasion of design, the emotions it evokes, the place it has in people's day to day lives and the bad font choices I would learn to love to hate.
I’ve enjoyed motion graphics, video production and animation, blown marketing budgets and invested in audio; but despite interest and vague skill in those areas, they aren't my vocation. Design is. Interaction is.

Design is why I stay up reading blogs, watching TED talks, trying frameworks, workflows, software; not giving my girlfriend the attention she deserves and why I wake up at 3am to sketch down ideas.
I’ve had a range of clients across finance, travel, entertainment, media, retail, sport and healthcare. I love advertising, marketing, copywriting and coding, using each when required, and working to bridge gaps across teams in commercial environments. 

Art is for enjoyment, but I design for purpose. I design for the business, I design for the user.

At a glance

  • Agile project management & Scrum experience
  • Lean UX mindset
  • Understanding of personas, user stories, journey mapping, card sorting etc
  • Service design enthusiast
  • Experience writing proposals
  • Written and adhere to style guides and briefs
  • Encouraging leader (for want of a better word)
  • Empathy for developers and dependencies
  • Abreast of new technology and practices
  • Enjoy working on complex, multi-discipline projects
  • Confident liaising and presenting to stakeholders
  • Structured and led design workshops
  • Interaction Design Foundation member



Preferred tool for fast Web and UI design, symbols, sharing, style guides.


10+ years experience across the range.


Interactive prototypes, sharing, feedback, mood boards and imagery collections.


Personal sites and quick interactive hi-fidelity prototypes.

Remote user testing, test script writing, review video feedback and log tasks for prototype/build and re-test.


Fast, free user tests for basic interface feedback.


Online Will Writing funnel, landing page and heat map analytics. User polls on exit.


Powerful prototyping, good for multi-section form usability.


Rough prototypes when pen & paper isn't quite enough.


Need to get those ideas down


Agile project management

Featured Projects

"What works is good, integrated design that fills a need - carefully thought out, well executed, and tested."

Steve Krug

Don't make me think, 2000

"Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve"

Charlie Chaplin

Interview with Richard Meryman, 1966